EDPR entered the Italian market in 2010 through the acquisition of a portfolio of wind farm projects under development in the south of the country.

EDPR’s Italian headquarter is in Milan and a second office in Bari plays an important logistical role in the management of the portfolio in the Apulia region and surrounding areas. EDPR continues to expand its presence in Italy.

Puglia – 30 MW | Molise – 20 MW | Basilicata – 50 MW

Key Data 1H 2016

Installed Capacity

100 MW

Under construction MW


Production GWh


Load factor


Market Share (2015)


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TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00011 Informe de cuasi-accidentes_emergencias ambientales_EDPR Europa_v00

TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00011 Environmental near-miss_emergency report_EDPR Europe_v01

TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00010 Requisitos ambientales para contratas_EDPR Europa_v00

TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00010 Cerinţele de mediu pentru subcontractanţi_EDPR Europa_v00

TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00010 Environmental requirements for subcontractors_EDPR Europe_v00

TMP-EU_EMS-GEN-00010 Requisiti ambientali per subappaltatori_EDPR Europa_v00

MAN-EU_EMS-MAN-00001 EMS Manual_EDPR Europe_v01

EXPR-GLB_TSO&M-SPV-00024 O&M Procedure for PV Waste management and module recycling


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